I collated this set of links about hyperbolic geometry while working with SUMaC during the northern summer 2007. I expect they will get out of date very quickly but at the time I collected this list it seemed better than any other similar compilation on the internet. They were updated in November 2008.

Wikipedia on hyperbolic geometry

Pages with lots of links:

Interactive Java applets

From the geometry center


From “Geometry and the Imagination”

Hyperbolic tessellations/tilings

Hyperbolic tessellations by Sascha Rogmann:

From M.C. Escher


  • Circle Limit III: 1959 woodcut, second state, in yellow, green, blue, brown and black, printed from 5 blocks
  • Circle Limit IV: 1960 woodcut in black and ocre, printed from 2 blocks

Popular Articles

Jeff Weeks software


Other Software

  • NonEuclid: Java software for ruler/compass constructions in hyperbolic geometry


The Institute for Figuring has a very slick gallery of hyperbolic stuff, including crochet:


Random other links

Hyperbolic links

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