I am interested in everything. In particular I am interested in mathematics. Most of my mathematical research has been in the broad field of geometry and topology. My fields of research include contact topology, symplectic topology, hyperbolic geometry, Heegaard Floer homology and topological quantum field theory.

Here you can find my research papers, talks, theses, and my translations of other papers.

Research papers and preprints

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Research talks

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It’s plus facile for me to lire mathematics in English than in French.

Research contributions

These are other research publications where I have contributed, though not as an author.


Here are a few notes I have written on various papers and books by other people; very sketchy, missing proofs, probably full of mistakes, but attempting to convey the gist of what’s going on. They are meant to be easier to read than the original, or as an adjunct. They are to be read for the gist, not the details. That said, if you want to point out mistakes or make suggestions, go ahead!