On Remembrance Day 2021 (11 November) I have a talk at a session of Lightning Talks at a session on “Mathematics for Data Analysis, AI & Machine Learning” organised by the Monash Data Futures Institute.

This was a “Lightning Talk” — 5 minutes only. In which I attempted to explain what topological data analysis is and how it works.

It had to be impressionistic, but it turns out surrealism is better for this kind of thing. For what is topological data analysis — or more explicitly, one of its main tools, persistent homology — if not the Persistence of Memory of Topological Contortion?

Being Remembrance Day, a day for ending war, and Topological Data Analysis having been funded for military applications, no better time to mention the campaign against lethal autonomous weapons systems.

Five minutes.

The slides from my talk are available below (2mb pptx).

Five-minute surrealist antiwar exposition of topological data analysis

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