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Abstract: We give an explicit bijective correspondence between between nonzero pairs of complex numbers, which we regard as spinors or spin vectors, and horospheres in 3-dimensional hyperbolic space decorated with certain spinorial directions. This correspondence builds upon work of Penrose–Rindler and Penner. We show that the natural bilinear form on spin vectors describes a certain complex-valued distance between spin-decorated horospheres, generalising Penner’s lambda lengths to 3 dimensions.

From this, we derive several applications. We show that the complex lambda lengths in a hyperbolic ideal tetrahedron satisfy a Ptolemy equation. We also obtain correspondences between certain spaces of hyperbolic ideal polygons and certain Grassmannian spaces, under which lambda lengths correspond to Pl├╝cker coordinates, illuminating the connection between Grassmannians, hyperbolic polygons, and type A cluster algebras.


Spinors and horospheres
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