Reflections on history

Given that today is the 20th anniversary of a pivotal event in history, perhaps some reflections on history are in order. But “optimism” is not the right word for it; neither is “pessimism”. Certainly, if we emphasise the world wars,

Dissecting d'Amato

A response to a couple of articles in the Socialist Worker, brought to my attention by a friend: Refusing to be ruled over How do anarchists see change happening? I think this is a very interesting discussion. It is a

Libertarian music

Some random finds on youtube in this vein. Chumbawumba – Give the anarchist a cigarette is from their joint album with Noam Chomsky. No, Chomsky does not sing.) Chumbawamba – Revolution 1936: Spanish anarchist song w/English subtitles Actually, I think

Things to learn about the world

I am interested pretty broadly in radical politics, and especially in alternatives, vision for a better world, and strategy of how to get there. This means alternatives in all realms of society: politics, economics, kinship, environment, gender relations, race relations,