Afghan public opinion

The views of the populations invaded, bombed, or otherwise on the receiving end of US foreign policy are rarely discussed in the US mainstream. That is, of course, outrageous, and as of the last few days we have another case

Bennis on Iraq Withdrawal

Good analysis by Bennis of the antiwar movement’s situation now. From ZNet. Contested Terrain: Obama’s Iraq Withdrawal Plan and the Peace MovementMar 08, 2009 By Phyllis BennisURL:

Raytheon recruitment day

There was an email sent to all students in the mathematics department, essentially advertising for Raytheon… My response. Woah. Well, if it’s legitimate to advertise for controversial weapons manufacturers on an email list for mathematics students, it’s certainly also legitimate

Do they care?

Do you truly believe the American people care about Afghan civilians who are killed in airstrikes? Are you in this anti-war effort because you think American people would truly care about international law, the Constitution, and brown skinned people if

One of my prisoners

An extraordinary moment, or so I thought, on Democracy Now today (Tues Sep 9 2008), as they played “highlights” of the RNC. The speaker is Benjamin Thompson, a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War. I thought it was spectacular