To the editor:

Thank you for reporting on the community meeting held Wednesday night to discuss courses of action in response to the return of Condoleezza Rice. It is welcome to hear the voices of Stanford students and community who are are concerned about Condoleezza Rice’s actions while in high government office, including actions which have given rise to extremely serious allegations of war crimes and crimes against humanity, in this newspaper.

We would, however, like to point out some inaccuracies in this article.

First, there is a clear misquote of Professor Todd Davies. As a faculty member, Professor Davies is always careful in his language in regard to fellow faculty members. It is no light matter to raise concerns about criminal behavior by colleagues. Not only do none of us recall Todd making the attributed quote, we know that Davies does not speak in that way. Therefore, we are certain it is a misquote or misattribution.

Second, there is an open letter to the Stanford community in response to the return of Condoleezza Rice, which Stanford Says No to War has prepared and circulated. It is, however, not a petition. A petition was one of many courses of action raised at the meeting on Wednesday, but this letter is not one.

Third, the coalition that met Wednesday night does not yet have an official name. A working title of “Condi Un-Welcoming Committee” was used on the proposed agenda, but no decision has been made on a name yet.

In any case, we look forward to reading more articles in the Daily which raise these extremely serious concerns that many Stanford students, faculty and community members have with regard to Condoleezza Rice. We invite people to read our open letter, which is available at Stanford Says No to War’s website, We invite people who share our concerns to join an email list such as iraq_coalition@ or for notifications
and information.

We also invite the Daily and other publications to publish the letter,
or an abridged version of it.

Yours sincerely,

Adam Hudson
Daniel Mathews
Ekin Kocabas
Daniel Weissman

on behalf of Stanford Says No to War

An unpublished letter to the editor of the Stanford Daily
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