There is a lot of discussion happening on broad vision at the moment. In particular, the Nation has a whole Forum on “Reimagining Socialism”. This looks fantastic. I haven’t read everything there yet, but it looks great. There’s a lead article by Ehrenreich and Fletcher, and then a whole bunch of articles in response.

Reimagining Socialism: A Nation Forum
By Barbara Ehrenreich & Bill Fletcher Jr.

Ehrenreich and Fletcher mention participatory economics, which I think is something worth thinking about — in my opinion, it’s a leading candidate for what a desirable economy looks like, at least among those I have heard about. Michael Albert, who is one of the people who wrote down this vision, wrote a response to them, but the Nation did not print it.

The Venezuelan consul also wrote a response, which again the Nation has refused to print, so far as I am aware. In it, she talks about various programmes of the Bolivarian government, and remarks positively about participatory economics.

This is precisely the right time for these discussions. It’s a pity
there isn’t more radical infrastructure in place to take advantage of
the situation and press for radical change.

The Nation Reimagines Socialism
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