With Rice on present faculty, Rumsfeld immediate past “Distinguished Visiting Fellow”, Powell given recent fawning invitation, who’s next?

John Bolton! Speaking April 14, 2009, at Stanford.

In May 2008, the British journalist George Monbiot attempted a citizen’s arrest on Bolton. Monbiot’s indictment, which he attempted to serve on Bolton, appeared in the British press:http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/2042636/John-Bolton-charge-sheet-George-Monbiots-list-of-accusations.html

Monbiot appeared on Democracy Now afterwards.

“This is not an ordinary political mistake which was committed in Iraq. This was the supreme international crime, which led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. Those people were not killed in the ordinary sense; they were murdered. And they were murdered by the authors of that war, who are the greatest mass murderers of the twenty-first century so far.”

Topic: “The Coming War on Sovereignty”, no less. Presumably that means arguing against international criminal indictments that may be issued against those involved in the commission of vast war crimes, like himself. As far as sovereignty is concerned — a central principle of international law — it is precisely the principle most egregiously violated by aggressive wars. Bolton has already participated in waging war on sovereignty and sovereign nations. The “coming war on sovereignty” he presumably refers to is, in fact, a legal and political struggle to restore the most basic aspect of sovereignty — the prohibition on invading other nations — by making accountable those who violate this most fundamental obligation of international law.

One imagines that, as a criminal defendant, Bolton would be making a very similar speech about the illegitimacy of law. Except there he would be laughed out of court and into prison, instead of being received with polite applause in a prestigious law faculty.

Bolton’s involvement in perpetrating war on Iraq, as detailed by Monbiot, however pales in comparison to the role of Rice, as detailed in the open letter.

Fwd: John Bolton, April 14th, 5pm: The Coming War on Sovereignty
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