“Should all taxes be abolished?”
“Should all legislation be replaced by judge-made law…?”
“Should police be privatized?”
“Should we abolish worker safety regulation?”
“Should the law itself be privatized?”
Mostly kooky, and good for a laugh I guess.
Any serious libertarian opposes not only illegitimate domination and authority by the State, but in all its forms… including the most obvious today, by capital. In the present, the State at least is subject to some forms of democratic control. Capital is not, and remains tyrannical in its nature. Serious libertarians realised this by the 19th century. As long as one does not recognise that, the use of the word “libertarian” is laughable. “Proprietarian” would be a much better word. Redistributive taxes, worker protections, etc, should be supported by all serious libertarians, not because they empower the State, but because they oppose entrenched, centralized, undemocratic economic power and support those without it.
But this is obvious. It takes an education to forget it. Or to be in the service of entrenched economic power.

"Libertarian" purity test
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