Relevant articles & videos

Some articles and videos of relevance for those interested in peace and justice. 1. San Francisco — your tax dollars at work. Footage of police violence at SF antiwar rally last weekend. About 2:50 in. “The State is authority, it

Rose fawns This was a terrible fawning interview by Mr. Rose. I was not impressed. The only thing he appeared to push her on was whether or not to “talk to Iran”. This is the “debate” in US doctrine; what goes

Bennis on Iraq Withdrawal

Good analysis by Bennis of the antiwar movement’s situation now. From ZNet. Contested Terrain: Obama’s Iraq Withdrawal Plan and the Peace MovementMar 08, 2009 By Phyllis BennisURL:

Change, or not

Biden Vows to Continue Bush Policy Towards Iran Biden: U.S. will to talk to Iran, will act if necessary Arms Transfers to Israel during the Bush Administration Send a Valentine to Palestine 🙂