Some articles and videos of relevance for those interested in peace and justice.

1. San Francisco — your tax dollars at work.

Footage of police violence at SF antiwar rally last weekend. About 2:50 in.

“The State is authority, it is force, it is the ostentatious display of and infatuation with Power. It does not seek to ingratiate itself, to win over, to convert. Every time it intervenes, it does so with particularly bad grace. For by its very nature it cannot persuade but must impose and exert force.”
— Mikhail Bakunin

2. Afghanistan escalation

The good and the bad of President Obama’s plan for Afghanistan
From Peace Action West

3. Iran

White House ducks issue of Iran request
The White House has given a cautious response devoid of any real
content to an Iranian call for concrete change in US policy toward

4. Sri Lanka

The silent horror of the war in Sri Lanka
Arundhati Roy

Relevant articles & videos
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