The Herd strikes again

These have been around for a while now, but still, songs about history, US foreign policy, and war, are always interesting. The first one in particular is one of the most educational music videos I’ve ever seen (read the headlines!).

Libertarian music

Some random finds on youtube in this vein. Chumbawumba – Give the anarchist a cigarette is from their joint album with Noam Chomsky. No, Chomsky does not sing.) Chumbawamba – Revolution 1936: Spanish anarchist song w/English subtitles Actually, I think

Awesome badness Wired is great for this type of “awesome badness”. It’s like they took a left critique of society and tried to tick off all the boxes: Patriarchal, misogynist, jingoistic, phallic imagery, objectification, militarist, macho, capitalist, bourgeois, fear-mongering, warmongering, latent