Guardian investigations in Gaza

Gaza war crimes investigationCivilians, medics and investigators talk to the Guardian aboutallegations of war crimes during Israel’s 23-day campaign in Gaza Under attack: how medics died trying to help Gaza’s casualtiesIsraeli military says medical staff ‘take the risk upon themselves’(Including

Awesome badness Wired is great for this type of “awesome badness”. It’s like they took a left critique of society and tried to tick off all the boxes: Patriarchal, misogynist, jingoistic, phallic imagery, objectification, militarist, macho, capitalist, bourgeois, fear-mongering, warmongering, latent

Change, or not

Biden Vows to Continue Bush Policy Towards Iran Biden: U.S. will to talk to Iran, will act if necessary Arms Transfers to Israel during the Bush Administration Send a Valentine to Palestine 🙂