More Rice-related horror

Mark Danner on Democracy Now today talking about his recent articleson the ICRC reports. “You know, I suppose one could argue that he really believed what hesaid. You know, but at a certain point, as children find out at a

Voices from the Black Sites

From the most recent (post-dated!) NY Review of Books, on the ICRC report on US detainees and more. Absolutely damning. Also mentions (but does not focus on) Condoleezza Rice’s role — “decisive” in the NSC Principals committee, according to the

Recent articles

Interesting war / war crime related stories I’ve come across recently. 1. Afghanistan Afghan opinion hardens against US Obama’s War: US Involvement in Afghanistan, Past, Present & Future 2. Iraq Iraq’s queer underground railroad Despite Celebrated Speech, Has Obama Really

A not-very-impressive editorial

In response to a not-very-impressive editorial in the Stanford Daily… This argument is amazing: “rescinding tenure or failing to welcome Rice back will send a message to all Stanford professors who are now in or considering public service: do so

Recent poll agrees with international law

Poll: Most want inquiry into anti-terror tactics If we limit ourselves to the specific alleged crime (against Condoleezza Rice and others) of *torture* — and put aside for now the much worse crime of aggressive war as against Iraq —

Our new intelligence agency

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