Interesting war / war crime related stories I’ve come across recently.

1. Afghanistan

Afghan opinion hardens against US

Obama’s War: US Involvement in Afghanistan, Past, Present & Future

2. Iraq

Iraq’s queer underground railroad

Despite Celebrated Speech, Has Obama Really Ordered an End to US
Occupation of Iraq?

3. Torture & detainee abuse

Guantanamo abuse has worsened since Obama -lawyer

Lawyer: Freed Gitmo Prisoner Binyam Mohamed Experienced “Nightmare We
Can’t Imagine”

Interviews Of Terror Suspects Challenged: Foreign Agents Violated
Human Rights, U.N. Says

Thai military deny secret US jail

4. Recent nuclear near-catastrophe

On this point in general, see Stanford professor Martin Hellman’s
website, . Yes, that’s Hellman of Diffey-Hellmann,
public key cryptography and all, for the mathematicians / electrical
engineers / computer scientists out there.

The Nuclear Risk: How Long Will Our Luck Hold?,8599,1880702,00.html

When Nuclear Subs Collide

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