Self-determination and Afghanistan

Self-determination is a central principle of international law. In the case of Afghan self-determination it’s probably also useful to point out that there is a sizeable Afghan peace movement, very courageous and principled, which the antiwar movement in the US

Articles about torture in today's NY Times

In Adopting Harsh Tactics, No Inquiry Into Their Past Use Report Gives New Detail on Approval of Brutal Techniques Obama Won’t Bar Inquiry, or Penalty, on Interrogations

Relevant articles & videos

Some articles and videos of relevance for those interested in peace and justice. 1. San Francisco — your tax dollars at work. Footage of police violence at SF antiwar rally last weekend. About 2:50 in. “The State is authority, it

Aid for Afghanistan; "non-combat" in Iraq

Very edifying and informative reports today on Democracy Now about Afghanistan and Iraq. Afghans Urge Obama to Send Aid, Not Troops, to Afghanistan Report: Despite Obama’s Vow, Combat Brigades Will Stay in Iraq

Recent articles

Interesting war / war crime related stories I’ve come across recently. 1. Afghanistan Afghan opinion hardens against US Obama’s War: US Involvement in Afghanistan, Past, Present & Future 2. Iraq Iraq’s queer underground railroad Despite Celebrated Speech, Has Obama Really

Bennis on Iraq Withdrawal

Good analysis by Bennis of the antiwar movement’s situation now. From ZNet. Contested Terrain: Obama’s Iraq Withdrawal Plan and the Peace MovementMar 08, 2009 By Phyllis BennisURL: