I think this is amazingly good — at least to my own aesthetics. Just the right mix of seriousness and hilariousness, gravity and spirit, light and heavy, yin and yang.


This is your pizza. Go eat it.

Are you allergic to illegal wars? Do you think torture sucks? Can’t stomach a dinner with Rice? Well then, come to our

Dinner for Human Rights and International Law

Condoleezza Rice will be having a dinner with students at Roble at the same day & time. This event is meant to peacefully show to the campus that the Stanford community will not ignore evidence that Condoleezza Rice violated international and domestic laws against aggressive war and torture, and that we must confront our own institutional role in enabling and even honoring this behavior. We want accountability!

Why are we having dinner parties with an authorizer of waterboarding in Roble Hall? History will not judge this kindly.

This is your pizza. Go eat it.
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