Why international law?

When debating a matter of international law with people (say, the Israeli/Palestinian conflict) they will often say “Well, international law is illegitamate / doesn’t matter / no one follows it / US law supersedes it / etc. so your appeals

Jeremy and Reyna on CBS!

Stanford Student Speaks Out On Confronting Rice http://cbs5.com/politics/condoleezza.rice.confronted.2.999686.html A follow up to their story from Thursday Stanford Student Confronts Rice On Interrogationshttp://cbs5.com/politics/condoleezza.rice.confronted.2.998771.html

This is your pizza. Go eat it.

I think this is amazingly good — at least to my own aesthetics. Just the right mix of seriousness and hilariousness, gravity and spirit, light and heavy, yin and yang. http://www.stanford.edu/group/antiwar/cgi-bin/mediawiki/images/d/da/NoMoreTorture.png This is your pizza. Go eat it. Are you

War Criminals of Tomorrow

An awesome video by a friend. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6O2KeDPTh3o “Condoleezza Rice is back at Stanford University. What does it mean for the Stanford community to accept an alleged war criminal on their campus? What does the pipeline of war criminals to universities

Relevant articles & videos

Some articles and videos of relevance for those interested in peace and justice. 1. San Francisco — your tax dollars at work. Footage of police violence at SF antiwar rally last weekend. About 2:50 in.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWlSbdCmPcU “The State is authority, it